Top 10 Best Bike Helmets in 2015 Reviews

Cycling requires that an individual dresses protective gears while cycling. Accidents happen without prior warning and results to serious injuries. There are so many protective gears that a cyclists need to have with them, the most important one being the helmet. There are several innovative brands of helmets that are available in the market from different companies. In this article I will review the top 10 best bike helmets in 2015 reviews.

10. Limar 535 Bike Helmet

Limar 535 bike helmet

The Limar 535 Bike Helmet very is strong and super light. It is manufactured using in mold mono shell technology. It is integrated with a micro metric height adjustment system, which makes it flexible and comfortably fitting in the cyclist’s head in 4 different positions. This helmet is protected from overheating the cyclist when used for long. It has 15 air vents that are wrapped with an impact protective cushion. This cushion is made of non-irritant soft and most importantly, it is made up of long lasting and cleanable fabrics.

9. Bell Fraction Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Bell Fraction Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

This is a product of the bell sport company. It is made by combining aspect such as comfort, ergonomic fit and design. It is a durable multi sport gear for adults. This helmet is of high quality. It has been certified by CPSC and ASTM 1492 skate. It is only 425 grams heavy. It occurs in three sizes. The small size which is 51 to 56cm, the medium on 54 to 59cm and the largest one which is 58 to 63cm. this helmet meets the needed protection . Its design is interesting to most people. It is made up of sturdy plastic material in its in molded outer-shell. Its EPS dual density liner is durable and has a moisture wicking property. It has 12 vents that meant to regulate internal temperature.

8. Giro Rift Bike Helmet

Giro Rift Bike Helmet

This helmet is manufactured by Giro. It is the most advanced bike helmets in 2015. It is made up of resilient in molded tricarbonate shell. It has an impact absorbing dual density EPS liner. Additionally, Giro Company has integrated a lot of patented technology in these helmets to further improve functionality and comfort. It has a patented Acu dial design that secures it on the head of the wearer all the time. This prevents the helmet from moving side to side or forward and backward. Importantly, this Giro helmet is fitted with a snap visor for wind and sunlight protection. Also it fitted with cooling vents.

7. Revel cycling helmet

Giro Revel Helmet

Revel is a durable and a well designed helmet. It is available in multiple colors. It is of an adult, 54-61cm in size. it has expandable impact absorbent polystyrene lining in its in-molded tough outer shell. It is among the strongest helmets in the market. The AcuDial fittings, enhances its strength and comfort. It has 22 vent air flows that help to keepthe head cool. It has a snap fit visor and a reflective jacket, important when cycling at night.

6. Giro Trinity Helmet

Giro Trinity Helmet

This is the trinity 2015 version for women helmet from Giro. It is ranked six among the top ten bike helmets for adult in 2015. It comes in silver modernist and white colors. It is a one size helmet that is very effective if properly used. It is covered with a polycarbonate to provide protection to the wearer from all the direction.

5. Atmos

Giro Atmos II Helmet

It has a polycarbonate shell and EPS lining. It has additional feature that make it to be ranked fifth in 2015, the featherweight webbing for protecting upon impact. Also, it has an internal rollcage for reinforcement. It has an adjustable Roc Loc fit. It occurs in various head sizes. Atmos has 26 wind tunnel vents and several internal channeling that enable air to flow freely.

4. Reverb helmet

Giro Reverb Bike Helmet

Also, it is a product from Giro. It has all the features of Giro helmets apart from a removable cap style visor for protection against direct sunlight. It is available in three (sizes small 51-55cmmedium 55-59cm, and the large one 59 -63cm).

3. Indicator helmet from Giro

Giro Indicator Helmet

It weighs o.62 pounds and fit 21.25 to 24 inch head. It has features common in other Giro helmets

2. Adjustable helmet from V-share

V-Share Adult Ajustable Bike helmet with Snap on_off visor in Orange

This is the bestselling helmet in most stores. It has ten contoured vent for cooling the head. On its side, it has soft heat sealed cheek pad to control perspiration. Its snap visor shields the eye from sun’s rays. This is an adjustable helmet made from super quality products

1. Schwinn Thrasher Micro Bicycle Helmet

Schwinn Thrasher Micro Bicycle Helmet

This is the best of all bicycle helmets in the market in 2015. It is designed for adults only. The adjustable webbing strap provides comfort.It has moisture winking to keep its inside dry. It has 21 vents and a snap on visor to prevent heat accumulation and provides eyes’ shade.